As in every country, there are two major costs that you will incur for your studies in Germany. Not only are these the educational fees of your program but also there will be daily living expenses such as meals and accommodation.

Tuition fees in German Universities

Germany offers excellence in education and German universities charge very minimal tuition fees or sometimes even no fees at all. Another great aspect is that international students are charged the same fees as German residents. Usually the fees ranges from 400 to 900 Euros per semester, hence the entire undergraduate programme can cost as less than 4000 Euros. The cost of a Master’s degree is less than 2500 Euro and PhD has no fees at all.

Living costs in Germany for students

Most undergraduate courses are 3-4 years in duration and postgraduate courses are 1-2 years long. With the fees you’ll also have to add your costs of travelling, books, local transportation and any miscellaneous expenses such as medical care. On average the cost ranges from 600 to 800 Euros.

Scholarships in Germany

If you manage to get Scholarships then you’ll be able to bring down your costs to a certain level, depending on the University and the course. In Germany the Scholarships are mostly given by the German Academic Exchange Service / Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) and few public entities.

DAAD has more than 200 programmes ranging from short-term exchange programmes for research or teaching and are till doctoral scholarships that can extend for years. If you are interested in studying in Germany and if you are looking for financial support, we strongly recommend that you consult our team who would help you with all the information you need on expenses and scholarships along with details of German foundations.

Expert advice on Studying Costs in Germany

It is essential that you spend your money on the best and thus get only the best in return. Angels Immigration’s team of Career Experts will help you with all your queries on Studying Costs in Germany, and offer you right directions on managing your expenses.