During the course of your studies, you shall be permitted to do part time work. This will help you do payment of your course during studies, however note that this should only be considered as a side income and not full-time.

If you’re studying at a Government institution then you will be eligible to work for public posts as well. You will require ‘off campus work agreement’ from your institution. Additionally you’ll be requiring an ‘off campus work permit’ that would allow you work work anywhere in your place.

On an average, working for restaurants and cafés can make you earn C $ 12 to 14 an hour. You’ll have to pay taxes on all the amount that you earn and will get salary as per minimum wage along with health and safety conditions.

During internship as well, you can earn stipend. You can also earn working as a research assistant.

Expert advice on Working in Canada

By managing your studies along with part time jobs, you can conjure up decent among of money while studying. Angels Immigration’s team of Career Experts will help you with all your queries on Working in Canada.