USA is a country built on immigration. Every year it welcomes lots of foreign workers across diverse occupations or job types. The areas include engineers, scientists, artists, hospitality experts, religious people, researchers, nurses, investors, farmers, athletes, and more. To legally work in USA, you must must obtain the required permission from authorities. Every type of employment has its own set of requirements for admission, with respective terms & conditions and authorized time period to stay in USA. It is mandatory to comply with the terms of application and the petition for admissions plus visa. Note that any violations with these shall result in removal of visa and even lead to rejection for re-entry into USA.

Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Worker

A temporary worker (H1B) is for skilled workers enter into USA temporarily for a fixed duration and specified purpose.

Permanent (Immigrant) Worker

A permanent worker (PR) is issued to individuals who are permitted to permanently work and live in USA.

Students and Exchange Visitors

Under a certain set of circumstances the students and exchange visitors can work in USA. For this they will have to obtain permission from their University.

Expert advice on Working in USA

USA is the home to many immigrants who made it big. Albert Einstien, Mila Kunis, Nikola Tesla, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan – these are just a handful of famous immigrants who made it big in USA. Angels Immigration’s team of Career Experts will help you with all your queries on Working in USA.