This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in UK during your academic career. As a student you’ll have the option of staying directly inside your University (called “on-campus”) or outside the University (called “off-campus”).

Finding Accommodation

It is recommended to try to arrange your long-term accommodation before you leave home. Your institution can certainly aid you in this area. Institutions provide student advisers who can advise you on how to find places to stay and institutions have accommodation officers. When you admit, be sure you are given a package of information having accommodation details. Complete the accommodation application form and return it by the date stated. Even if residential accommodation is not available, you will have an accommodation advisory office which can help you find privately owned accommodation.

If you are arriving at the UK for the very first time, accommodation given by your institution, university or college might be the ideal choice. This option taken up by more than half of the overseas students on degree programs in the UK and around 30 % of people who come to FE colleges.

You will find these positive aspects of residing in accommodation provided by your institute:

  • You usually live near to where you are studying
  • You get to be familiar with other college students easily
  • You will definitely spend less valuable time travelling, which means you have time to get to know the surrounding area
  • You will be residing in a safe and secure environment.

College and college accommodation is also reasonably priced: a room in a self-catering hall of residence or undergraduate apartment will cost you from £150 to £320 per month. Some universities and universities also provide accommodation where meals are provided and the price of your breakfast and dinner is included in the rent you pay. Typically the bathroom is shared but nowadays many universities are offering rooms with private bathroom, and charge additional costs.

You can lease accommodation privately, there are shared apartments, lodgings and hostels. Among these the most popular option is lodging in which you rent an independent room in a house where a family is already living and they prepare meals for you. Hostels with meals can cost around £350 a month. By sharing a flat with others, you can do it in as low as £150 per month.

Points to Ponder when renting accommodation in UK:
  • Always make your boarding arrangements in advance, more so during the busy time period that are summers, holiday periods and annual festivals.
  • Wherever you book your room, ensure that it is thoroughly checked before you make the final payment.
  • For assistance regarding the location you may contact the local tourist guides.
  • The prices keep fluctuating depending on the location and month, hence do your groundwork properly before leaving for that location.
  • UK is a great destination – a place where you can make an extremely successful career for yourself, hence it is essential that by making the right timely decisions you will have a good time during your studies.
Expert advice on Living in UK

Living away from home seems a daunting task. We will make it easier for you. Angels Immigration’s team of Career Experts will help you with all your queries on Living in UK – doing our best to ensure that you will have another home away from home.