UK is an amazing country to pursue your education from. The practical courses, along with global classrooms, offer high levels of employability.

Undergraduate courses

A student who is yet to get her/his bachelor’s degree is termed as an undergraduate student. Typically these courses are about three years in length. The first year has a variety of subjects and are called as prerequisite courses – such as in arts, literature, history, science, etc. The purpose is to enable students that they reach a certain standard of education with base on many types of subjects.

A “major” is the main specialization of your degree. For instance, if your major is Computers, then you will be awarded with a Bachelor of Science in Computers. You will have to undergo a definite number of courses in that area so as to fulfil the degree requirements.

Graduate courses

Students having an undergraduate degree can make plans about graduate courses so as to do jobs in highly skilled sectors or make progress in their life. Few very high level posts in medicine, science, nanotechnology, engineering, etc. require a higher degree.

GRE is required for admission to Masters in Science and GMAT is required for business school.

The graduate programs are usually one year in length.

Advantage UK
  • UK education offers the following advantages:
  • Majority of the Bachelor’s courses are for 3 years and Master’s for only 1 year, which enables students to get their degrees in lesser time and money
  • Extensive number of successful international students are churned out every year
  • You can get entry into Master’s program after just 15 years of previous academic experience
  • The UK Government performs regular monitoring of the institutions to ensure first class standards
  • A degree from UK is recognized all over the world
  • Free Health Insurance for most students
  • Easy to become employable after doing a course
Expert advice on Education in UK

UK is a global melting pot of diverse cultures and their education reaps long term dividends. Angels Immigration will make all your dreams come true, by providing accurate advice on all the required materials. Our proven team of experts will enable you to secure the best world class education.