This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in New Zealand during your academic career. Your life in the country will be highly peaceful, where you’ll have the advantages of high standards of living everywhere, full of greenery and water bodies.

Halls of Residence

Here 5-7 students share one apartment together – a common space with individual bedrooms, lobby and kitchen. This is a great option for students looking to make friends, do bonding with the foreign student groups, dividing tasks such as laundry and cooking, and learning the best of respective cultures – all this and yet having your own privacy for learning, exploring and living. Mostly students of different genders live together and if you require a floor or dormitory specific to your gender then you can get the same by contacting your Institution. The average costs can usually range from NZ $150-200 per week.


Quite a few NZ families live in spacious homes and rent out spare rooms to international students. This has a lot of benefits of its own, the major one being that the student lives in a house environment just like a family member. This is a great option for migrant students because it helps them quickly adapt to the new country’s enviornment. Living with residents of that family helps the students improve their communication skills in English. In a convenient scenario the student has an independent room and is also provided meals by the family. Because the Home-stays are provided by the college/university where the student is admitted in, the institution ensures that the student’s background and profile matches with the new family so that the students remain safe, secure and serene. The price of Home-stays can usually range from NZ $200-250 per week including meals.

Off-campus (Private) Accommodation / ‘Flatting’

Off-campus or Private Accommodation, also called ‘Flatting’, is quite popular among students. Compared to On-campus it has no fixed prices or basic things for all students. The rent amount varies significantly according to the area and the facilities provided. Your college/University can help by giving you a list of rented accommodations near the Institution. Generally renting an entire home or apartment will be too costly for a single student, hence it is advised to find and explore groups of students who are renting by going through billboards in the Institution, looking on the Internet, or go through newspapers classifieds and sign boards indicating vacancy of rooms or houses. The rents can usually be in the range of NZ $100-200 per week.


A workaround for temporary arrangement is to book a Motel or a Backpacker and later switch to some other accommodation. This benefits students looking for accommodation before arrival and are the best option for short term tenure since they offer all the basic amenities. Note that these can be usually expensive, hence it is advised to only stay for short durations.

Points to Ponder when renting accommodation in NZ:
  • Always make your boarding arrangements in advance, more so during the busy time period that are summers, holiday periods and annual festivals.
  • Wherever you book your room, ensure that it is thoroughly checked before you make the final payment.
  • For assistance regarding the location you may contact the local tourist guides.
  • The prices keep fluctuating depending on the location and month, hence do your groundwork properly before leaving for that location.
  • NZ is a great destination – a place where you can make an extremely successful career for yourself, hence it is essential that by making the right timely decisions you will have a good time during your studies.
Expert advice on Living in NZ

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