Germany has been welcoming many immigrates in recent times across a diverse occupations or job types. The areas include engineers, scientists, artists, hospitality experts, religious people, researchers, nurses, investors, farmers, athletes, and more. To legally work in Germany, you must must obtain the required permission from authorities.

During the course of your studies, you shall be permitted to work for 120 full days or 240 half-days of work with salary and can also do menial student jobs. In few cases your local foreigner’s office can impose conditions on your working, so it is advisable to know your rules.

Knowing German is not 100% mandatory as it depends on your type of job and employer.

In any case it is advisable that you learn German as it’ll help you with your regular activities in the country. Having knowledge of the level B2 is recommended for beginners and also that the language German isn’t tough to master.

Expert advice on Working in Germany

Germany is a place where you can earn decent amount of money when studying. Angels Immigration’s team of Career Experts will help you with all your queries on Working in Germany.