This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in Germany during your academic career. Your life in the country will be highly streamlined, where you’ll have the advantages of great hygiene everywhere, lush green parks, and disciplined police.

It’ll be a cultural shock getting used to the new life in the country, at the same time things can be quite straightforward. Students who are fond of living a life without chaos, in a systematic order, will find themselves delighted with their experience.

Cultural Aspects

The people of Germany are professional with their approach to work, and they enjoy life as well. Every now and then there are several festivals, holidays and events in major areas that make the place a happening one.

Finding Accommodation

Angels Immigration recommends that as you start your new phase of life in Germany, you will not be too fluent in the German language, hence try to consult a local real estate agent. This is because the rental agreements are often difficult to comprehend, due to which you may end up paying additional costs. Knowing that, fact is real estate agents can also charge money on the higher side which is mostly two months of your rent amount.

Living Standards

Despite the high standards of living in Germany, note that all accommodations will not have a kitchen sink, bath fittings, cabinets, light fixtures, stove, etc. You can find second hand goods at reasonable rates by going through the Internet or classifieds in local newspapers. Also, few apartments have laundry section in their basement that you can use at minimal rates.

The whole process is systematic in sense that several apartments have a fixed schedule for cleaning of the house. Your landlord or the rental agreement will specify the weekly schedule such as cleaning the walkway, taking out the garbage cans, sweeping the staircase, etc.

Points to Ponder when renting accommodation in Germany:
  • Always make your boarding arrangements in advance, more so during the busy time period that are summers, holiday periods and annual festivals.
  • Wherever you book your room, ensure that it is thoroughly checked before you make the final payment.
  • For assistance regarding the location you may contact the local tourist guides.
  • The prices keep fluctuating depending on the location and month, hence do your groundwork properly before leaving for that location.
  • Germany is an excellent place for education – a place where you can achieve significant amount of progress, hence it is essential that by making the right timely decisions you will have a good time during your studies.
Expert advice on Living in Germany

Living away from home seems a daunting task. We will make it easier for you. Angels Immigration’s team of Career Experts will help you with all your queries on Living in Germany – doing our best to ensure that you will have another home away from home.