Schengen Visa

A Schengen Visa is mandatory for tourist or business purposes in Germany and other Schengen countries. It entitles the Schengen visa holder to visit Germany and/or the other Schengen countries for a total of up to 90 days within a period of 6 months from the date of issue.

Student Visa

A student visa is required by Indian students, who wish to pursue higher education in Germany and HAVE SECURED ADMISSION in a German college or University.

Internship/Training Visa

An internship or training visa is required by Indian Nationals, who wish to take up internship or training in companies in Germany.

Guest Scientist Visa

A guest scientist visa is required by Indian scientists, who wish to take up research work or post-doctorate studies in Germany.

Employment Visa

An employment visa is required by Indian Nationals, who HAVE SECURED a job in Germany.

Visa for Speciality Cooks

A visa for speciality cooks is required by Indian Nationals, who wish to work as cooks/chefs in Indian restaurants in Germany.

Few Common Questions asked by Visa officers:
  • What is the purpose of your trip?
  • Which university are you planning to go to?
  • Who is sponsoring you?
  • Why do you want to do MS / MBA?
  • Why do you wish to study in Germany and not in India?
  • Why did you select this University?
  • Do you have any relatives in Germany?
  • What are you plans after completing your studies?
  • What is your father’s annual income?
Expert advice on Germany VISA

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