Germany has a long tradition of academic excellence in education, science and research. Today, about 250,000 foreigners are studying in Germany, making it the 3rd most popular host country for international students after the USA and UK. The Germany education system has a great variety of best courses for international students. As you narrow down on your choice of University, it is essential that you get an overview of the German education system. This will help you make a more informed decision and take right steps for your plan of education.

Advantage Germany

Of all the countries in the world, Germany has the higher density of higher education institutions. There are more than 375 Universities, across more than a thousand specializations that means you can pursue studies in any stream that you want to, and some leading German universities teach courses in English.

The USP of German universities is to combine theory based learning with practicality, and this usually takes place in a multicultural classroom setting. Not only that, several Universities have a strong industry connect with leading multinational companies and research centres across Germany and outside as well.

Germany has more than 400 research institutes for students, scientists and doctoral fellows to enable a premium and streamlined environment for studies.

The courses popular among overseas students are: MBA, Music, Engineering, Economics, Arts, Natural Sciences, Architecture and Design.

The Federal Republic of Germany consists of 16 states, each having its own organisation and the educational aims for the work based on order and curricula in a program.

Expert advice on Education in Germany

Germany is considered an attractive destination for students the world over, and has an amazing quality of education. Angels Immigration will make all your dreams come true, by providing accurate advice on all the required materials. Our proven team of experts will enable you to secure world class education.