Australia is a country that offers world class courses and the experience is such that you would not want to trade them for anything else. The practical courses sees maximum number of overseas students after USA and UK, and the degree offers value which makes them accepted the world over.

Undergraduate courses

A student who is yet to get her/his bachelor’s degree is termed as an undergraduate student. Typically these courses are about four years in length. The first year has a variety of subjects – such as in arts, literature, history, science, etc. The purpose is to enable students that they reach a certain standard of education with base on many types of subjects. Afterwards the specialized courses start and last till the end of degree. You will have to undergo a definite number of courses so as to fulfil the degree requirements.

Graduate courses

Students having an undergraduate degree can make plans about graduate courses so as to do jobs in highly skilled sectors or make progress in their life. Few very high level posts in medicine, science, nanotechnology, engineering, etc. require a higher degree.

The graduate programs are usually two years in length.

Certificates & Diploma

Many Universities offer Certificates & Diploma courses lasting 6 months to 1 year.


You can pursue Doctoral Degree that can usually last for 3 years.

Advantage Australia

Australian education offers the following advantages:

  • A degree from Australia is recognized all over the world
  • All the leading Universities offer programs that are tailor made for overseas students that makes it a comfortable, life lasting experience
  • More than 50 Universities offer world class education in diverse fields including Engineering, Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, et al.
  • You can gain experience on skilled courses that you won’t get to study in India
  • Australian government sets budget for scholarships every year

Expert advice on Education in Australia

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